We are Bangalore based company specialized and primarily focused on ERP solutions and services.Also, we are into products R&D with innovative ideas/ solution to drive the growth of the ERP and other business. Our core enterprise package solutions / services / Support platform mainly include ORACLE, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. Also,we provide/handle solutions/services to Mobility,Embedded systems, Web Technologies and Digital.

ERP Solutions and Services

This company was started by ex-employees of Oracle, SAP and Microsoft who cater to innovative solutions and services in a cost-effective manner for the ERP customers without any compromise on quality and schedule. The package selections purely depend on the customer’s requirements, budget and future expansion plan. Range of ERP packages will help in getting ahead of the competition while maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing their revenues.

We focus on working collaboratively, effectively to build long-term, mutually-beneficial partnerships with companies who share our passion for promoting company growth and exceeding customer satisfaction. Our focus and our commitment always remain with ERP solutions and services. We continually enhance our ERP solutions and services through our partnerships with leading product vendors Oracle, SAP , Microsoft and Salesforce.

Our job is to take some of your workload away by closely working with you. We will carry out a tailored review of your processes and suggest a range of solutions through small available/custom packages to the big ERP softwares/ packages to support client’s end to end activities.

We can improve the existing system in the area of integrating and centralizing (consolidated) the data, streamlined workflow/ process, visibility/ transparency, financial planning, reporting, decision making, data security and creation of opportunities for collaboration by implementing ERP packages. We can also analyze the existing system and suggest the suitable modules/ technology which satisfies the customer’s requirement mainly in the area of SCM, FIN, CRM/CX and HRMS/HCM/payroll. We take the time to get to know clients, understand their operational model, business requirement, get to know all the stake holders and find the right ERP software/ hardware fit for their organization.

Our broad and independent implementation experience allows clients to implement Oracle ERP more effectively. We at Qlasraft not only restricted on the functional or technical aspects of an implementation. We at QlasRaft target the clients to achieve operational efficiency and a high return on investment from new technology.

Product Development

Our Product development involves either improving an existing product or its presentation, or developing a new product to target a particular market segment or segments. The process product development includes idea generation, product design, detail engineering, market research and marketing analysis, all of which will be detailed in the company business plan. The relationship between product design, development and testing are the core drivers of a successful product. Our competitive product development strategy has high-quality, low-cost, flexible and reduce burdensome maintenance costs.

Business Value

We Significantly enhance the functionality/ productivity and streamline your systems and make it available to stakeholders across the enterprise.

How Does QlasRaft Successful in executing ERP Projects?

We employ a highly trained staff of ERP consultants full-time and leverage the skill sets many ERP experts. Our average employee has more than 18 years of consulting experience and is extensively trained to help companies manage successful ERP implementation/ support/ upgrade/ rollout/OIC Integration projects.

Why QlasRaft: Key Values and Strengths?
  • We are an “independent solutions and service provider” to the ERP softwares and do not sell software. Our advice is based purely on the individual needs of each client.
  • Our consultants have deep experience with more than 100 different ERP systems in many of industries. We have a strong understanding of how to leverage ERP technology to realize benefits and improve your business.
  • Our functional/ domain consultants leverage the best practices to enable a transformation in business processes using ERP software.
  • We spend lot of time with all the key stakeholders to thoroughly understand each client’s and client’s client unique business/ technology.
  • Our proprietary tools and methodologies will always help clients to minimize costs and maximize benefits.
  • We at QlasRaft provide measurable results and a return on investment.
  • Organizations need to use a proved methodology to reduce implementation risks and enable the enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to be put into operation as quickly as possible. QlasRaft will suggest right implementation methodology which will help ensure that the ERP implementation fully addresses an organization’s business goals and objectives.
  • Automate: We identify areas of your work that can be automated.
  • QlasRaft’s consulting team has strong business, operational and technology backgrounds.
  • We are Problem Solver and Solutions Provider.


We strive to become successful, respected and world class leader by providing superior Qlas (class) IT services.


It is our passion, commitment and loves to listen client’s needs and deliver consistent, highest quality and robus IT solution that leverage the latest/ innovative technologies with the best of processes to increase the productivity and maximize their business dreams.
Committed to continuously improving our operations.
To create an environment that advocates learning, enhancement, merit and fun.