Oracle’s E-Business Suite (also known as Applications/ Apps or EB-Suite/ EBS) /Oracle Fusion/Cloud consists of a collection of enterprise resource planning (ERP), Finance,customer relationship management (CRM)/CX and supply-chain management (SCM) applications either developed or acquired by Oracle corporation.


SAP is an ERP system that handles almost all departments of an organization. SAP handles an organizations’s finance, controlling, human resource, sales, distribution, material management, warehouse, production, security, research and many other departments. Not just that but SAP has a special industry specific solutions for almost all industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, insurance, security, finance, treasury etc.


Microsoft dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) software gives your people the tools they need to connect and manage your entire business, from financial and supply chain management and from manufacturing to operations, with the insight you need to make smart decisions. Microsoft dynamics is also known for having strong functional support for manufacturers and distributors.